Nov 12, 2015


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Storm Abigail

As sailors we spend a considerable amount of time studying the weather and taking into account the conditions that may result when we undertake our passage planning.

Technology has advanced in forecasting and the number of sources that we have available to help us gain access to weather information means we are much better positioned now to make informed decisions about whether we should be out on the water or tucked up in a safe harbour waiting for an improvement.

Looking at the forecast today we can see a ‘new’ development from the UK Met Office – the naming of a weather system. This is part of the Name our Storms Project which follows the protocol of naming significant weather systems and by doing so should alert us to the risks associated with what is coming.

For those of us used to Atlantic Tropical Storms  (Hurricanes)  it has been the practice to name them since 1953,  a task that is undertaken by the World Meteorological Organisation who provide a similar service for the identification of  Pacific Tropical Cyclones (Typhoons).

So now we have our own ‘local’ naming convention for mid-latitude storms, it will hopefully help us within the sailing community to focus on the weather systems that we are really need to be aware of. Next one up is ‘Barney’, I would be love to know how these names are selected….

Link to Met Office Storm Abigail here

Link to Met Office Name our Storms Project here

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