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Nov 09, 2016




The Sea

The Sea – Always Commands Respect

The Sea is an inspiring place and an environment into which we venture in pursuit of our desire to sail, but would you know what to do if you accidently ended up in it, rather than on top?

One of the more sobering elements of what I teach to students who are learning to sail relates to the dangers of what is known as ‘Cold Water Shock’. This is what happens to our bodies when we fall into water that is below 15°C – both in terms of our breathing and our ability to move & function. Guess what, the average sea temperature around the UK is 12°C so it a risk that we need to be aware of during our sailing adventures.

One of the most notable campaigns I have seen this year to bring to our attention to the dangers and, perhaps as importantly, what to do in the event of falling in, has been run by the RNLI through their Respect The Water Campaign.

Respect The Water

The RNLI’s Respect The Water Campaign Logo

This is a campaign that I would recommend you take a few minutes to study – visit the site, watch the videos (they are brilliant) and familiarise yourself with what the recommended actions are if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself ‘in the deep’…

I will be publishing some future articles on subjects relating to what to do to minimise the chances of falling off your yacht, but in the meantime – respect the water!

Penlee Lifeboat

The Penlee Lifeboat gives a demonstration

Visit the RNLI’s campaign web site from this link


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