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Why should you consider ‘own boat tuition’?

At Change of Tack, we realise that signing up for a conventional course with a sailing school may not be to everyone’s liking. For some, the idea of sharing the confines of a training boat with strangers looking to take their ‘Competent Crew’, ‘Day Skipper’ or even ‘Yachtmaster Prep’, is simply an arrangement that doesn’t float their boat. The course may not be the level they are looking for, the time commitment too much or the boat nothing like they have and will be using themselves.

We are always delighted to be able to deliver own boat tuition to a client. There’s a real buzz of excitement when the owner of a yacht gets to improve their own skill set and better understands the capabilities of their boat.

So whether you are new to sailing; the proud owner of a daysailer looking to take the next steps to a bigger boat & explore new cruising grounds; or an established skipper who has forgotten more than most people will know – but just needing a little assistance to remember, we can put together a training programme that is designed for you.

Own Boat Tuition

Is Your Own Boat Suitable?

If it floats and sails, probably. It is more to do with what is carried onboard. We are often asked as to what type of kit a client should have on their boat before we will arrange own boat tuition. We put the safety of our clients at the forefront of all we do and recommend that there is a minimum level of equipment that will ensure that the best can be achieved from training.

The following is a basic list – we are here to answer any specific questions and offer the appropriate advice if you wish to know more.

  • The Means to Navigate

    Appropriate almanac
    Plotter and divider
    Hand bearing compass
    A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
    Log & depth instrumentation

  • The Means to Summon Assistance

    VHF radio

  • The Means to Stay Safe

    Lifejackets & harnesses
    MOB retrieval equipment
    Fire extinguishers and blanket
    Liferaft – if applicable to area of sailing
    First aid kit

  • The Means to Keep Moving

    Engine Spares
    Spare fuel

  • The Means to Stop & Park

    Anchor & warp
    Mooring lines and fenders

Call now to discuss your requirements

Whatever level you are at, the first step is to contact us and talk. We will gain an understanding of your requirements and make some suggestions to help you become more competent and safe with your sailing and so free you up to concentrate on enjoying your pastime more. Don’t delay – send us an email or pick up the phone and call….

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