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Dec 27, 2021




Flying the Flag
Flying the Flag

What’s Happening?

From January 1st 2022 we will be subject to new guidelines relating to the reporting of certain information if we sail to or from locations outside the UK and the Isle of Man – this includes a trip to and from the Channel Islands.

In particular, we will need to give information on:

  • the vessel
  • the voyage
  • individuals on board
  • goods documentation

This is because the UK is no longer part of the EU single market, consequently, as the owners of pleasure craft we need to report in line with the ‘Rest of World’ requirements that exist.

Importantly, we must report on the departure as well as the return to the UK. Notice 8: sailing your pleasure craft to and from the UK has been updated to give guidance. Follow the link here to see Notice 8

How to Report

Complete a copy of form C1331 which has been updated – there is a new template e-C1331 in Microsoft Excel that will allow data to be submitted via email to the National Yachtline and the relevant regional Border Force command.

This certainly looks quicker than completing a pdf version as the e-C1331 version can use the links and the guidance within the template to complete and submit the form without posting it.

You can access a copy by following the link here to see the new e-C1331

We have completed a ‘base’ version containing all the static vessel data – we just need to create a copy with specifics of the voyage we are undertaking. To make life simpler, we have the UK National Yachtline phone number of 0300 123 2012 programmed into the vessel’s phone and call as soon as in range.

The previous PDF version can be downloaded and posted if required. The preference is for the new e-C1331 template to be used for reporting pleasure craft details to HMRC and Border Force.

Flying the Q Flag

The Maritime Coastguard Agency states the following on whether you need to fly the yellow or ‘Q’ flag….

If you are arriving from outside the UK (and this includes the Channel Islands) you must fly the yellow ‘Q’ flag so that it can easily be seen as soon as you enter UK waters (the 12 mile limit). If you’re arriving from an EU country into Northern Ireland you will also need to fly the yellow Q Flag.

Do not take down the flag until you have finished reporting to the customs authorities. If you do not comply you will be liable to a penalty.

Need Help?

At Change of Tack we are often sailing in & out of UK Territorial Waters and are used to different formalities for clearing through customs. If you are unsure what to do and would like some help then please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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